All the Essential Things to Know about a Professional Plumber

Hiring a plumber is an important responsibility of homeowners. Plumbers are the ones in charge of fixing all the important parts of the home such as the toilet, bathroom, and kitchen. Without having a competent and reliable plumber to call on may lead you to more expenses and dangerous accidents. The following are some factors to consider in hiring a Winnipeg plumber.


Plumbers have to be insured and they may also be bonded. Ensuring this will make sure that you and the plumber are protected in case of any emergency or accident.


The plumber will know what to do no mater you may have at home. He or she will also be able to give you a more accurate estimate given that there are no major problems in the plumbing system. For you to be sure, collect at least three estimates and be wary of the one that has the lowest rate. This may be that the plumber is cutting corners or makes use of substandard materials.


In the US, most states require licenses for plumbers. If you live in a state that is does not require a license for a plumber, make sure at least that you checked if there are formal complaints filed against the plumber you have in mind.

Length of Experience

It is crucial for you to ask the plumber how long he or she has been in business. A more established plumbing company will employ only plumbers with extensive experience. It’s a good indicator if the company has been in business for years since it means that they have a track record of good service.


All plumbers must provide a warranty of their work, parts included. A lot of warranties cover the plumber’s work up to a year. Don’t deal with any plumber who can’t give you a guarantee of the work done.


Plumbers who have been in business for quite some time will be able to provide you with references. If they cannot or will simply not provide you with this information, it’s better for you to look somewhere else. The best way to gauge the quality of the plumber’s work is to talk with customers in the past.

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber

Many homeowners resort to doing things on their own instead of hiring a professional plumber. At first, it may appear that a plumber is expensive to hire; but it certainly has a lot of advantages to offer:

Permanent Solutions

When you are in search of a professional plumber, you will need someone who can give you a permanent solution to your plumbing problem. The repairs, replacements, and installations that a plumber does on your plumbing system are considered as permanent solutions. It is a must for you to not experience the same problems again. If you are planning to remodel your home or any part of your home like the bathroom or kitchen, a professional plumber is the right person for the task at hand.

The Most Advanced Plumbing Equipment

When you hire a professional plumber, you can expect him to carry the latest tools, devices, and technology. No matter how complicated the plumbing problem is, a professional plumber will have the skills and experience required to provide a permanent fix.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Usually when you have a plumber who can come to your place to work on your plumbing, they also offer emergency services. However, there are plumbing companies that don’t offer emergency services. That’s why it’s necessary for you to ask the plumber you have in mind if they offer this service. There may be some repairs that you can do on your own, but for emergency cases it is essential for you to hire a plumber. At first you might think that it’s costly to hire an emergency plumber but in the long run you will realize that the increased water bill due to a leak can be more expensive than hiring a professional plumber.

Detailed Diagnostics

One of the major benefits of hiring a professional Winnipeg plumber is being able to receive a detailed diagnostic report of the plumbing problem. There are so many hidden factors that can bring about plumbing problems. A professional plumber can find the root cause of the problem and present you with a detailed report. The plumber inspects the entire system to find out the root cause and other underlying problems.

Multiple Plumbing Services

A professional plumber can provide multiple services to any home. These services include old pipe replacements, installing new pipes, repairing water leaks, and installing dishwashers. If you are planning to remodel the kitchen or bathroom, you need a plumber to help with the plumbing system.

Customer Support

Professional plumbers offer the best customer support. When you hold a contract with a plumber, you will be handed with a direct number. This makes them more accessible whenever you have an emergency. Plumbing problems can be resolved more efficiently in such a short time and with minimal damage.

Professional Training

Professional plumbers are trained. They also receive regular trainings for the latest technologies and solutions to use for plumbing. This guarantees you lesser chances of error compared to doing the repairs on your own.

Signs That Say You Need to Hire a Plumber

It can be too difficult to think well when you are in the middle of an emergency case. The most common is that there’s water everywhere and it seems that there is no letting up. That’s why it’s important for any homeowner to know the situations which require a professional plumber.

Slow to Drain Sinks

When there’s a pool of water each time you take a shower or your kitchen sink is filled up to your elbows when you wash dishes, that means you have a drainage issue. There can be many reasons for the clogged up plumbing. It can be a kid’s toy, kitchen utensil, or even small rodents. A plumber can deal with this blockage using a tool known as an auger. It’s a long and highly flexible device and it also goes by the name drain snake. This is safer to use on your drain compared to the good old hanger often used which may cause more trouble in the plumbing system.

Gurgling Water in the Toilet

When your toilet starts to gurgle with water once you start taking a shower, it means you have a plumbing problem. It may be hard for you to pinpoint it. When the drain is clogged and water is trapped in the faucet, it means you require the help of a professional.

No Water Flow

It can be terrifying to turn on your faucet only to find it deprived of water. It may not be that you forgot to pay your water bill, but that you have a plumbing issue at hand. A blockage is one reason for lack of water or a leak somewhere in the system. It would be easy to diagnose the problem if the plumbing is exposed. However, if plumbing is hidden underneath the floor or behind the walls, then it’s significant that you call a plumber right away. A professional plumber can use several diagnostic tools to figure out the problem and correct it right away.

Pipe Burst

This phenomenon is common during the winter months. Pipes may burst when the water inside them freezes. This may lead to a major water damage if this is not addressed appropriately. It may be hard for you to figure out which pipes have a problem, but any plumber can. They can see if a pipe burst behind the wall, under the sink, or even in the foundation of the structure. This can prevent your home from being flooded and you spending more on repairs or replacement.

Soggy Basement

Perhaps one of these days after a heavy downpour, try to check your basement if it is damp. If you do find it so, don’t shrug it off. There are many possible reasons for it, faulty insulation, a pipe leak, or inefficient weatherproofing. It will be easy for a plumber to figure out where the leak is. Then you can do away with the rainwater or any other concerns as a probable cause. It is top priority to fix the problem. Remember that a damp environment is a breeding place for bacteria. Water is not your only concern in this case but also molds which can cause respiratory illnesses.

Back Flow Problems

It is crucial to invest in your home’s underfoot area where the plumbing system runs. When you don’t do this, it is likely that you will come across back-flow water from your sink. This water does not really smell like roses. What’s worse is that it may be sewer water. Back-flow has a usual cause, a decrease in your home’s water pressure. This can trigger the water to reverse its natural flow downward. The first thing the plumber can do is to close the main water valve and resolve the problem right away.

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